SCI Of Interest ~ 8/18/17

Y ~~

Pendel Mobility Scooter: What a fun way to get around. Just love how engineers keep developing new options for better mobility. I’d be really interested if it could be used on the beach. Seems like the Dutch have a lot of dealers. Anyone ever see one in The Netherlands? I can really picture getting around Amsterdam using this.

X —

Morgan’s Inspirational Island is the first fully accessible waterpark to open. Here’s some amazing

  • Handicapped children and adults enter free.
  • Developers utilized actual handicapped groups in design process. (respectful)
  • They invited handicapped individuals in to test it out before it opened to the public. (respectful)
  • All kinds of disabilitiesare accounted for, even those with auto-immune issues.

Kudos to San Antonio!

W ~~

I am constantly amazed at our younger generation, their insights, creativity, and just plain ‘heart.’ How many others watched a person in a wheelchair struggle to open a manual door and done nothing. It took this young man from Idaho. KUDOS!

V ~~

A graduate from my Calvin College (my alma mater), paralyzed in trampoline accident, walked across the stage for graduation! You go Garrett! Keep up the excellent support Calvin and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hosp. Indego (exoskeleton), you are amazing.

U  ~~

TEK Mobility is now available through a distributor in the US with many distribution sites. NuMotion has over 100 locations – including most states. There is a great interactive map so you can find one near you. Personally, I would feel more comfortable with several sites than just the one in CA previously available.

T ~~

~~ Check out the Firefly by Rio Mobility. It is a free-third-wheel motorized to go up to 12 MPH and go further than 15 miles. It’s exciting to see new inventions which make life and mobility easier for those with mobility challenges.

S ~~

~~ These bars could be easily added to smooth surfaces. We have similar ones in a plexiglas shower and they works well. There are very unique bars with flexible uses. They seem to add safety, even in hotel rooms or on visits to family or friends.

R (September 24, 2016 entry)

~~ This wheelchair / seat would certainly making flying easier for those of us in wheelchairs. It would eliminate two transfers and the extremely narrow wheelchair seat with no seatbelt. Many airplane seats do not have the drop down arm rest. This might actually allow for using the on-board restroom. Well, maybe the rest rooms still need a makeover.

Q  a~~


~~ My hat goes off to this young woman who has determination and the strength to hike the Appalachian Trail. I know, from two personal acquaintances who have achieved it, that this is one difficult task! But, to do it as a paraplegic is truly remarkable. Are you paying attention insurance companies?

P ~~…/paraplegics-are-learning-to-walk-again…/

~~ Miracles come in many ways and often through serious, focused research. Here paraplegics are learning to walk again through virtual experiences. Even though they don’t walk on their own, they are seeing improvements in quality of life areas. The brains and bodies are so very amazing. They are communicating without the use of typical spinal cord messaging systems we were born with.

O ~~

~~ This is still a protype but, wow, Argonault might be on to something pretty unique and amazing for those who need a power chair. It gets one out of bed w/o transferring side to side, moves around inside and lifts one to cupboards, etc., brings one outside, into a van, out at the other side, up steps, etc.

N ~~

~~ This looks like FUN in capital letters. What a way to get around the places typically off limits to those with mobility challenges.

~~ If you know a child who faces mobility challenges, consider a trip to one of these parks. Amazing and fun!

30 Most Impressive Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds

~~ Things Women in Wheelchairs Should Know – Most of these fall into the ‘Yeah, I knew that. ;-)’ category but I bet you’ll learn a couple things as well. 20 great ideas or hints. of Interest to those with SCI

~~ Brothers Both Paralyzed Return to Home. Amazingly, two brothers were paralyzed in separate accidents. The second accident happened to the caregiver of the first accident victim. Both are now home living together in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

~~  Freedom Trax. Check out this Freedom Trax which allows those in manual wheelchairs to get about on sand, gravel, snow, etc. Isn’t is wonderful to see on-going research and innovations. I would love to hear from anyone who actually has this device.

Here us the company’s description of the device: Freedom Trax is a motorized track system designed to transform nearly any manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud. Its unique design allows for a lightweight, versatile, and rugged machine. Freedom Trax is the first of its type and is the cost effective solution for portable and convenient off-road mobility.

~~ TEK RMD (Robotic Mobility Device) Used by First American. See the story at link below. This device allows back entry rather than the typical side transfer and allows a person with SCI to stand, move about, and reach to accomplish tasks otherwise out of reach.

~~ How do women in wheelchairs like to be treated? This woman speaks frankly about how women in wheelchairs would like to be treated. Many people have told me they don’t know if those of us in chairs would like help or not. “We” aren’t all the same but this woman uses common sense and answers questions many people have.

~~ Never Say “Can’t”: This young lady, Jen Bricker, has a lesson for all of us. She is amazing. What she can do is unbelievable so be sure to watch.

~~ Pain after Spinal Cord Injury: Read or view the links below for a wide range of causes and reputable treatments for individuals with SCI. The article explains a variety of problems and the related options. The “authorship” below gives credit to the authors but also lends a level of confidence for the information included. (print) (slideshow with audio)

~ Authorship: “Pain after Spinal Cord Injury” was developed by J. Scott Richards, PhD, Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD, Thomas N. Bryce, MD, and Anthony Chiodo, MD, in collaboration with the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

Portions of this document were adapted from materials developed by the UAB SCI Model System, University of Michigan Model SCI Care System, Northwest Regional SCI System, and Craig Hospital.

~~ Check out the YouTube clips of The DayTime Show’s coverage of the mobility vehicle contest winners. Three cheers for NMEDA dealers (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Assoc.) and Toyota, BraunAbility, Honda, Chrysler, Chairiot solo, Eldorado, and VMI for their amazing donations. The winners, plus hundreds who were not winners this year, are amazing people who have faced adversity, persevered through it, and come out making meaningful contributions to others! Thanks for the DayTime Show for filming the interviews. I want to personally thank Clock Mobility in Grand Rapids, MI for their support as well.

NMEDA intro for 2015 Winner’s
Announcement – winner’s segment

~~ First ever International Surfing Assoc. (ISA) will host 1st ever adaptive surfing competition in LaJolla, CA in September.

Let’s hear it for LaJolla and the surfing community! “Our sport needs to be about inclusion, and an event like this is long overdue,” says ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “It is about opportunity. It is about sharing and community and bringing us all together as surfers. It is about showing the world that it does not matter if you are physically challenged, it is surfing and it is beautiful.”

~~ NEW: TEK RMD (Robotic Mobility Device)

Just 16.5″ x 29.5″, designed to allow paraplegic person to sit or stand upright and move about. Only platform that can be front-loaded (not side such as wheelchair). It doesn’t replace a wheelchair but offers alternatives which allow one to be upright, give relief to the ‘sitting’ area, and leave hands free for reaching, task completion, and carrying. Now FDA approved for the US; requires Dr. prescription.

~~ Joni and Me: International Disability Center (Joni Earickson Tada)

~~ Wheels for the World provides a free wheelchair, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to children and adults affected by disability worldwide.

~~ ‘Beyond the Chair’ is located in San Antonio, TX and provides therapy for SCI:

~~ Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital:

~~ Dr. Susan Harkema:

~~ Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation:

~~ CarePages (FastHugs First Months):

~~ Keeping Active in Other Ways

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