Trying to Say Thanks

The gift of the modified van as prize in the National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association (NMEDA) Local Hero contest is such a rare occurrence. It was wonderful and exciting to actually receive the van from NMEDA! There are many people to whom we wanted to say thank you. Words seem inadequate but this is how I tried.

First, those who donated so much made this all possible. You can’t help me stand or walk but you are certainly making this part of our lives much easier.

  1. NMEDA – Dave Hubbard, from your first phone call to let me know we had won, your gentle voice and respectful manner struck me. When we met in Florida, I knew you were proud of what your organization does for so many people. Leadership style makes a difference and you set such a kind and gentle, giving tone. Thank you for this experience. Cheryl and Donna from evok, thanks for taking care of all the details so this could happen.
  2. Toyota – Bill Burris, without Toyota donating the Sienna, this wouldn’t be happening. We are so grateful. It is beautiful and full of safety features which amaze us. Early in our married life we owned a little, yellow, Toyota Corolla which we just loved. We named him Tommy Toyota. This van deserves a more mature and sophisticated name. Plus, being in Holland, she needs a Dutch name, so everyone, meet Van Gogh. Thank you for the van.
  3. BraunAbility – Brian Harper, you welcomed us as we walked into the dinner for the winners in Tampa. You shared the amazing, major changes you would make to the Toyota to make it usable. You explained about Mr. Braun and how he designed and developed the modifications – always remembering to make the modified vehicle look normal as well as functional. He lived with Multiple Sclerosis so he understood that more than anything we need normalcy and independence. We can go for ice cream at 8:00 at night if we want. For those who are visiting, Hudsonville Ice Cream is the best ice cream around but Tommy Turtles at Capt. Sundae are not to be missed! Thank you for the major modifications.
  4. Clock Mobility – Mr. Clock and Kadi, thank you so much for coordinating everything on this end. You started by getting the word out on the contest and ended just this week making the final, necessary modifications and making sure everything was just right. Thank you.
  5. Crown Motors – You opened your beautiful facility, and we’re all so excited to be here.
  6. NMEDA Dealers: B&D and MPS ~ We are grateful for the donations your organizations provided for the B&D transfer seat platform and for the hand controls. Without those, which Clock installed, I would be unable to drive.

Second, Friends and Family!

Wow, you all came. This is so moving. When Cheryl asked about how many people would come, I said, well a lot of the voters are from Harrisburg, Palmyra, Lansing, Florida, California, and spread all over the country and world. Most people won’t be able to come. But, look at you. Y’all did! Thank you and a special thank you to our children who live too far away to be here. You have supported us for over a year now. You were faithful with your prayers and caring – and for this van with your daily votes. Many of you said you voted so regularly that it seemed odd when June arrived. It seemed you were missing something each day. I think we all learned a LOT about mobility and options in the types of modifications that are available because of the daily questions and research we did to get those extra points. Again, thanks for your perseverance. It is just so great to have you here. Alan and I are delighted to thank you in person and also have you help us thank the rest of these wonderfully generous people. You all know that we watch for our blessings and see Van Gogh as the greatest blessing we’ve had in a long time. Thank you!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elly
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 21:12:06

    As eloquent as ever. Enjoy Van Gogh!



  2. Teresa
    Sep 07, 2015 @ 18:49:28

    Van Gogh is sure to open new roads to recovery for you! A true blessing.



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